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Hi I am Erika Brett and I founded ARA in Vancouver B.C in 2018. I have been passionate about jewelry my entire life and started creating my own jewelry as a result in 2012. 

When I  got engaged 10 years ago  I thought an earth mined diamond was my only option for the sparkle, color and clarity I desired.  I had no idea that lab-grown diamonds and Moissanite even existed, it was not widely known at the time.

 It wasn’t until 5 years later when I was designing a piece of jewelry that I discovered Moissanite and Lab-grown diamonds. I was blown away by the quality and strikingly similar characteristics of a Moissanite when compared with a  diamond.  I was equally as thrilled to discover the  identical characteristics and qualities of a lab-grown diamond when compared to a diamond mined from the earth. I wanted to tell everyone about this exciting discovery which led me to the creation of ARA Fine Jewelry.  

So many factors come into play when picking a gemstone for your jewelry and everyone's needs and wants are not the same. At ARA we give our customers the best options of all 3, so they can make an educated decision to suit their budget, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Moissanite, lab-grown diamonds or earth mined diamonds, we love them all and will help you make the right decision for you.